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Stadium-tours.co attempts to help sports lovers who want to tour sports stadiums from all around the world.

Almost every city has a popular stadium which offers behind-the-scene access to locker rooms, player tunnels, dugouts, press boxes, VIP suites, main field, training facilities, etc.

Our objective is to guide tourists and locals who like to learn everything about a stadium tour before booking their tour tickets.

We aim to find all the stadium tours out there and line them up for you. So that when you travel to a city for a holiday, you know which stadium tour to book.

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Stadium-tours.co is Jamshed Velayuda Rajan’s labor of love.

He built internet communities for companies such as Sify.com, Satyam Computers, Yahoo.com, AIG, Ibibo.com, Nimbuzz, etc., for 18 years before taking a break towards the end of 2016.

He spent 2017 writing three books for kids and getting them published.

In early 2018, he started TheBetterVacation.com, and in 2021 he followed it up with Helicopter-Travels.com

Tasty-tours.com was started in 2022 because a food tour is the best way to learn about the cuisine, people, and place.

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